Folly Sunrise

Folly Sunrise


'Folly Sunrise'

Ask any surfer in town and they will tell you what the magic hour is.  There is nothing quite like being in the water as you see it turn from black to irredescent to blue.  There is nothing more rewarding than feeling that wave lift you closer to the sun, and NOTHING is more magical watching the world wake up!

The pier, the palmettos trees, and the Washout; for some of us these are holy grounds.

We hope this print helps capture the magic of the early morning sun when it hits the ocean.


This limited print run was done with a technique called 'split fountain' a technique that can only be used with silkscreen printing.  We felt the only way to honor the melting colors of the  sunrise was to use multiple colors at once in our screen.

Printed with love on archival paper 18" by 24"