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Santis is one of those places where you walk in and immediately know someone. It’s that kind of place that immediately feels like a second home.

Look around. You’ll see birthdays, friend dates, first dates, anniversary dates, best friend dates, new friend dates, and any kind of celebration you could imagine!

The day I moved here 15 years ago, I unloaded my moving truck, and my roomate said “I know exactly what you need!” She took me to Santis, and I have been going almost weekly ever since.

Will and I had our first date there. I celebrated my 27th, 30th, and many other birthdays there. We went the Sunday after our wedding because we needed to be somewhere that felt like home ❤️

Santis means so much to all of us, oh, and ofc the food and margaritas are delicious!

Stop by and and grab the BEST margarita, and stay for all the memories ❤️

We love you Santis!

18” by 24”

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